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Martin Leadbetter’s article in the Fingerprint Whorld journal
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László Kalmár Prize

Prize of the John von Neumann Computer Society (Neumann János Számítógéptudományi Társaság), which is awarded annually for the prominent IT R&D product of the year.

The first RECOderm benchmark completed by an expert, who is renowned in the USA in the field of professional palmprinting. It is said about Ron Smith that he is the best-known palm specialist in the USA. He performed the measurement in Szolnok.
The first international appearance of RECOderm was in London at the IPEC’93 International Police Exhibition. Novelty of RECOderm, i.e. the ability to identify palmprints arouse much interest.
The names “Recoware” and “RECOderm” are mentioned in the American web page in the history of biometrics part, at the palmprint identification section. This page is a source of the biometrics professionals in many cases. This is the reason why we appear in articles written in different languages as “the first in the history”.