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Child’s fingerprint

How the fingerprint card is prepared?

Quality of the fingerprint card

Fingerprint enrollment service of RECOWARE

Child fingerprinting “campaign"

Lost children, some statistics

The fingerprint has become “civilized”

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5 steps of the TP card preparation

After writing of the CD, all imagery and textual information is deleted from the TP card enrollment station.

Only parents who have the TP cards prepared will own the child’s TP card. You use this card only when you deem it necessary. We hope it will never happen.

5 steps of the fingerprinting process

Step 1: Recording of person data











Step 2: Enrollment of the fingers

















































The “rolled impression" of fingers from nail to nail
3. Printout of the complete fingerprint card
Step 4: Writing CD
Step 5: Delete
The "flat impressions" (4-4-2 method)
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