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Child’s TP card
Regrettably, there are “inverted” search illboards to be found very infrequently: it is not the parents who look for their child, but the child looks for his/her parents.

The child does not come home in time... regrettably this can happen. At first you start phoning, then go to the police. Parents give the data, the description, photo, everything they have. A big machinery starts to work, investigation, later asking for help from the press, from the TV stations, even later billboard-making, internet.
Time passes, data become outdated and the photograph does not even resemble...

Jackie Coogan, perhaps the best-known child’s portrait.

Would anybody recognize her apart from her parents?

What would happen if his parents had a TP card of him? She could be at home by the next day.

One’s fingerprint remains the same for one’s whole lifetime.

It can be worn off or rubbed down of skin, yet it will be regenerated to the same. And we have 10 fingers, all of them different.

Could parents have done more in the interest of a more successful search?

Fingerprint is a unique feature, it is stable throughout the whole lifespan, it does not change with age and it can be compared and searched for by a computer-based procedure (AFIS). Identity of fingerprints indicates an unambiguous connection between a found and a searched-for person. If parents are able to provide a fingerprint sheet for the police, with this, they significantly increase chances of finding.

Do we remember her? She has recently been found by the Greek police. It lasted for months to tell of the many candidate parents from whom she had disappeared several years ago. Thanks to the DNA test and identification she is at home again.

In-site preparation of a print sheet!

If – for the sake of their security – you want to have a TP card prepared of your child, your family members, we visit you at your home with our dedicated mobile TP card enrollment bus and prepare the TP card, without inking.
In addition to the printed card you will receive a CD with the electronic TP card in standard format (NIST file).
Please, keep the TP card and the CD in a safe place!
We hope you will never need them!

Upon the TP card enrollment, an extended quality assurance takes place

The highest recording and printing quality

The TP card meets the quality requirements developed by FBI for both the TP card enrollment and printing – compliance is verified by the FBI quality certificates.

Warranted data security

We assure that, after printing the TP card, we do not store any data, do not make copies, it is only you who will have the TP card. Any future use of it is only your decision.

Without inking

Enrollment of the TP cards takes place without inking



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